a participatory artwork by Anna Madeleine in collaboration with Dr Renee Beale


One Last Call


One Last Call is a participatory artwork that considers the environmental impact of manufacturing mobile phones, and a provocation to invent more sustainable ways to communicate.

Your mobile phone might be broken, but it can still make One Last Call. Will your call be for environmental change? A message for those yet to be born? Or one last call to a loved one you can’t speak to anymore?

Mobile phones are made of several rare earth elements that are becoming scarce. Mining these materials is extremely harmful to the environment and threatens the habitats of some of the world's most endangered species. One Last Call challenges the community to take action by recycling these materials while also having their voice heard.

Recycle your old mobile phone, saving rare earth metals and the environment, and in return use our phone booth to contribute your message to an online digital archive.