Cartoon by gorkie @gorkiegork

Cartoon by gorkie @gorkiegork

Your mobile phone might be broken, but it can still make One Last Call.

Will your call be for environmental change? A message for those yet to be born? Or one last call to a loved one you can’t speak to anymore?

Recycle your old mobile phone, saving rare earth metals and the environment, and in return use our phone booth to record your message to an online digital archive.

One Last Call is a participatory artwork that considers the environmental impact of manufacturing mobile phones, and a provocation to invent more sustainable ways to communicate.

To participate, bring your old phone to the One Last Call phone booth.

ThoughtLAB-14: MacGyver 2100

May 2nd, 6 - 7:30pm.
With the help of a guest panel, we invite you to channel your inner maker to create the future of a new sustainable technology movement. Brainstorm ideas from which CAKE Industries (artists Jesse Stevens & Dean Petersen) and cartoonist Sarah Nagorcka will realise prototypes and drawings live at the event.  
Presented by the Carlton Connect Initiative in partnership with the Kathleen Syme Library & Community Centre
Part of Melbourne Knowledge Week.
Book here.